Introducing The Wells Fountain Poets

Jane Williams, who has chaired our sessions for ten years, will be retiring from this position in June. Jane’s attitude of unconditional positive regard has ensured that our meetings have been conducted in a spirit of trust, open-ness and respect. “When you listen to a poem, you are accessing part of someone’s soul,” Jane said at our January 2013 meeting. Over the  years I have watched hesitant poets unfurl and blossom in this benign atmosphere. Whatever form our meetings take after the summer break, I hope we shall never lose the very special spirit that has grown up among us. Believe me, not all poetry groups are like this!

We usually meet on the first Monday of each month. The first Monday in April will be Easter Monday and we agreed not to hold a meeting that day, as so many people are likely to be away or busy.

Our next meeting will therefore be on Monday 6 May (which will also be a Bank Holiday!), upstairs at The Fountain Inn at the bottom of St Thomas Street in Wells, BA5 2UU, 7.45pm for an 8pm start, and finishing by 10pm. Read your own work or just come and listen. The meeting after that will be on 3rd June, after which there will be a two-month summer break.

For those who like to have a theme, how about “Mayday”? Those who don’t, please ignore this suggestion.

Entrance £3. Parking in car park opposite.

This post was written by Ama Bolton who, with Jane, was a co-founder of the Wells Fountain Poets.


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