Please don’t give him socks

We gathered festively last Monday at the Sherston Inn for poems on and off the topic “Festive gatherings”, as well as a few on last month’s topic. Caroline’s “War Graves” and Jane’s “Poppies” were particularly poignant.

Several poets took a wry look at the seasonal festivities. This post’s title comes from a laugh-out-loud poem by Pamela. Caroline’s vivid poem about the Somerset Carnivals included some memorable lines. Ama’s poem “Brown Sugar” has been added to her page. Both Ama and Jo have poems published in the new Poetry Space anthology, Jo has had three poems recently published online in Hedgerow magazine/blog (they can be seen on her page), Jinny has two poems on Nutshells and Nuggets, and Rachael has no less than six poems in the current issue of Sarasvati. She also gets a mention in a recent issue of Mslexia.

Once again we enjoyed some unusual titles – Gill’s fire-brigade saga “Called out to two dogs locked in a toilet in Bromley” lingers in the mind, as do Paul’s “Radio Telescope in the Mist” and Andy’s “My Autumn Statement”.

It was especially good to have our founder Jane Williams back with us after many months.

Ama will be in the chair when we meet in the same place next month on January 12th. There is no theme, as this will be the one occasion in the year when poets are invited to read published poems by other people.

Happy Christmas, everyone, and an inspired New Year!

T Tree

Photo from here.


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