East Coker News

David Cloke has sent me the latest newsletter from the East Coker Poetry Group. I have pasted it below as it could be of interest to any Fountain poets in the Yeovil area. Thanks, David!

East Coker Poetry Group Mini Newsletter March 2015

There is no shortage of poetry events in the offing:-

Thursday March 12th
Some of you may remember Virginia Astley and her daughter performing her ‘Maiden Newton Ecliptic’, a beautiful and rather ethereal long poem set to music, at East Coker several years ago. It will be good to hear this again and on March 12th at the Johnson studio in Yeovil, Virginia and Florence will be performing this at an evening of music and poetry hosted be the Yeovil Community Arts Association. I hope members of East Coker Poetry will come along to support her. This will form the first part of the evening, with the second half being a ‘medley’ of several other local poets/musicians assembled by Liz Pike of the YCAA.
7.30pm £5 entrance. Johnson Studio at the Octagon, Yeovil.

Tuesday March the 31st brings the West Coker Poets to the Helyar Arms at East Coker for their presentation of Under Milk Wood, Dylan Thomas’ classic ‘play for voices’. Last year was the centenary of Thomas’ birth and I am sure the West Coker Poets will be marking this in style.
7.30pm £2 entrance. The Helyar Arms, East Coker.

Advance notice now for Tuesday 28th April when poet and author Kate Scott comes to East Coker. Her first poetry collection, Stitches, was published by Peterloo Poets and her second collection ‘Escaping the Cage’ published by HappenStance.
Kate also writes children’s books, children’s TV scripts, radio and stage plays.
7.30pm The Helyar Arms.

And just to whet your appetite:-
May features a ‘Jazz Poets’ meeting at East Coker
June will be an outside event
July Juliet Lacey is arranging an evening about poet Alun Lewis
The East Coker Poetry competition 2015 will again be something different –
Pictures at an exhibition – A mixture of Art and Poetry. The exhibition in question will be the Yeovil Art Group’s May exhibition that takes place from the 12th May to 15th June in the Octagon Theatre, Yeovil. This is what to do:-
Visit the exhibition. Select a picture. Then write a poem that captures that picture in words. Deadline for the poems is the 1st October 2015. The Competition meeting in late October will feature poems and pictures – should be good fun…………….
Full details of the competition including when the exhibition will be open will be posted on our website shortly – www.eastcokerpoetry.org.uk
Best wishes


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