Desert Island poems


On January 4th the Fountain Poets gathered at The Sherston Inn to share some of our desert island poems – the eight we would want to have with us if cast away.

It was fascinating to see the same poems being chosen by two or more people, and to discover some previously unknown works. “The Thought Fox” is not a surprising choice, but who could have guessed that two would choose “The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God“? Yeats, Duffy, Kipling and Heaney’s names came up several times, Auden, Donne, Shakespeare, Hopkins and Fenton twice each. The oldest poem was an anonymous 6th-century Chinese poem. The most memorable was probably David Cloke’s performance of John Agard’s “Palm Tree King“.

It was a splendid way to start the new year.

Keep reading. Be hungry. Be curious. Find the poets that make you put down their books because you suddenly have an idea you must write yourself. – Alisa Golden


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