January meeting at Jinny’s

Thirteen of us gathered in Jinny’s Salon des Arts in the first week of the year to share poems that mean something special to us. We welcomed two poets new to the group, and one who came back to us after a long absence.

We heard a wonderful mixture of poems ancient and modern, English and translated: Tennyson’s The Brook read from a vintage tiny-pocket-size edition, two poems from Somnia by Maria Stadnicka, two by Elma Mitchell, two by Jo Shapcott, two by Paul Deaton, and poems by Robert Waller, A.E Housman, Emily Berry, Henry Reed, Krzysztof Jaworski, Ama Codjoe, John Freeman, Marriott Edgar (The Lion and Albert), Matthew Dickman, John Yau, Stan Frith, David Bowie and Ilya Kaminsky, as well as work of their own by David N and Sandra. It was a lovely and varied evening. All these links are well worth following , if you have the time. OK, I know you don’t have the time!

Mitchell-Elma Elma Mitchell, 1919-2000, who spent the second half of her life in Somerset.

Our next meeting will be on Monday February 3rd, 7.45 for 8pm
at The Globe Inn, 18-20 Priest Row, Wells BA5 2PY. The Bus Station car park is a short walk. Guest poet will be Tom Sastry with his new collection “A Man’s House Catches Fire“. I’m looking forward to this!

Being rejected is part of the deal as a poet. It’s doesn’t always make it better to know that, but it’s true. You will be rejected more than you are accepted. You will celebrate an acceptance then sadly weep into morning coffee over a rejection that rolls in the next day. — Kelli Russell Agodon

I love my rejection slips. They show me I try. –Sylvia Plath

This month’s post was written by Ama Bolton.


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