Bard Window: a new poetry podcast

Fountain poet and seasoned podcaster David Niven has launched a new poetry website, Bard Window.

The first two half-hour podcasts are now in place, featuring the amazing Graeme Ryan from Fire River Poets, and someone called Ama Bolton from the Fountain Poets. More will follow soon. Do have a look at the site, register (it’s free) and add some poems of your own, with a paragraph or two about yourself and maybe a photo (robots seldom have a bio or photo.) And let David know if you’d like to do a podcast. We have some talented writers in our group, and I’d love to hear some of them in their own podcast. It’s not at all scary: David’s relaxed style will put you at your ease.

I don’t have the technical skill to host Zoom meetings, but I hope we will soon be able to meet in person. Watch this space.


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