The Fire and the Fountain

On 6th January 2022, Wells Fountain Poets and Taunton-based Fire River Poets will come together for a joint reading to celebrate the New Year. The (optional) theme is Light. We hope you will join us on Zoom to hear a wonderful range of Somerset poets and poetry. There will be a small number of open mic slots too; do let FRP know via the Fire River Poets website if you’d like a slot as they’re sure to go quickly.

This is a free zoom event, but I hope you will show your appreciation by making a donation to FRP via the ‘Donate’ button on the ‘Register for an event’ page.


Like a new-

born heaving

for breath, the

poem has

preference for

air. Do not

hold back from

white space and

stanza break.

Let light shine

through the lines.

Tom Montag 2020


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