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Bard Window: a new poetry podcast

Fountain poet and seasoned podcaster David Niven has launched a new poetry website, Bard Window.

The first two half-hour podcasts are now in place, featuring the amazing Graeme Ryan from Fire River Poets, and someone called Ama Bolton from the Fountain Poets. More will follow soon. Do have a look at the site, register (it’s free) and add some poems of your own, with a paragraph or two about yourself and maybe a photo (robots seldom have a bio or photo.) And let David know if you’d like to do a podcast. We have some talented writers in our group, and I’d love to hear some of them in their own podcast. It’s not at all scary: David’s relaxed style will put you at your ease.

I don’t have the technical skill to host Zoom meetings, but I hope we will soon be able to meet in person. Watch this space.


Bridgwater Quayside Festival now on You-tube

Find it here. Poems from Morag, David K, Rachael and me (Ama), and a marvellous new film-poem by Andrew, specially written for the festival. Also a 20-minute Somerset Libraries podcast in which I read a poem by our founder, Jane Williams, Rachael and David N. read their locally-themed poems, and we chat about inspiration and collaboration.

Moot 5

Some (good) news at last

Hello again. I hope you’re well, and writing.

A few Wells Fountain Poets (Andrew Henon, Mo Kiziewicz, Rachael Clyne, David Niven, David Ketelby and me, Ama Bolton) have been invited to contribute to next month’s Bridgwater Quayside virtual Festival (17-19 July). Another of our members, storyteller Beth Webb, will be contributing separately. Here is a preview of Andrew’s timely and powerful video-poem. Andrew is also participating in the Somerset Film project Hello World, and I urge you to watch the interview and two of his short video-poems on their website.

We have had to cancel our April, May and June meetings and will not be meeting in July or August, but I hope to be able to re-book all the cancelled guest poets next year.

Just a quick reminder of some competitions closing soon: Wells Litfest competition closes 30th June, Penfro Festival Competition closes 1st July, Ledbury Festival competition closes 16th July and Winchester Poetry Prize closes 31st July. Many more on the Poetry Kit website.

“It is the task of a lifetime. You can never know enough, never work enough, never use the infinitives and participles oddly enough, never impede the movement harshly enough, never leave the mind quickly enough.” – Anne Carson on writing poetry