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I have just received a copy of David Green’s first collection, Pigeon Lock, published by Silverwood Books. It is a beautiful little book with very attractive illustrations by David’s daughter Anna and a cover image by Abigail Baker.

I enjoyed reading these honest, well-crafted poems. David has an eye for landscape, whether in the Middle East, Africa, India or closer to home, and writes with a deep love and knowledge of the Oxfordshire countryside where he grew up.

He observes war and injustice with passion and compassion and often with a touch of irony. His interest in wildlife is evident: lizards in Java, black-throated divers “sleeking through the sea”, the “dervish geometry” of massed starlings on the Somerset Levels, the “protecting song” of cicadas in Accra. He delights in the details of daily life and the quirks of human nature.

David can turn a perfect sonnet but is not afraid to experiment with form, metre and rhyme, giving a refreshing variety to this impressive collection.

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