Jane Williams

Jane Williams

Jane’s poem below is being published in the forthcoming anthology “Through a Child’s Eyes”, due to be launched in Penzance in July 2013.

Harvesting Weather

Wartime summer,
harvesting weather,
ripening green

I: fifteen,
a sweep of silky hair,
white Aertex shirt,
skimpy gym skirt,
boots – Wellington.
School camp:
sixpence a day,
picking up spuds,
hunks of bread,
peanut butter.
He: Luftwaffe,
riding the tractor.
Blond unruly hair,
bronzed,  chest bare,
his disarming smile
targeting me.
A traitorous shiver of delight,
my pulse fluttering
at the sight of the ridged line
of his spine.

that wartime summer,
harvesting weather.
He: Luftwaffe.
Me: fifteen,


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