Rachael Clyne


I am an author and poet and enjoy performing with others, including local Glastonbury trio Strange Sisters. I write self-help books, and articles in the Glastonbury Oracle.

My poetry collection She Who Walks with Stones and Sings (PSAvalon 2006) is available via Amazon and www.rachaelclyne.com

This poem, Grounded, won a prize in the Sherborne Literary Festival and is published in the Bath anthology The Listening Walk, along with three more of my poems. My public Facebook page also has articles and poems:


No red buttons on the Mendip Mast tonight
it being damp and cloaked in softest grey.
Thick air hides the ridge, blurring sky and ground.

Just the satellite wink of headlight traces
what seems to be sky: a road high in the hills.
Snow is forecast so I expect to wake

to icing sugar sprinkling the slopes.
Meanwhile the vague monochrome
of the combe lies ghostly below.

 Beyond, a delicate web of sodium
marks the edge of town,
yellow cobweb floating on moist grass.

A thin vein threads Glastonbury to Wells
across the blanked out Levels, lit only
by twin-bead headlights travelling to and fro.

Red corpuscles for Glastonbury, white for Wells
its twinkle cluster in the distance.
Tonight all the stars are on the ground.


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