Richard Field

At the February 2014 meeting, Richard read “Valentine tributes” to some members of the Fountain Poets. Here is a selection of them.


Everytime, everyway, Eva.
Everywhere Eva
Everypoem Polish and English
Eva so lovely
Caramel and Cream, Eva.


Norman’s poems
Seem to wander into me
As the countryside
Rushes by
From a train window.


Rachael’s words watch themselves
Meander into blood and water
Like vegetables growing slowly
Meaningfully, mournful dark.


Reasonably poshpaperbooks
Naturally Ama reads
Lichen on rock, moss on bark
Silverbirchly shining
A fountain of fire, Ama.


Jo is quite like Thomas Hardy
Slipping hard ideas into soft spaces
Loving clay and soil and soul.


In deserts of long love days
Gill dreams of the sodden levels
Or walking in blue jeans through puddles
Thinks of sandy hills in the dry lands.


Annette bounces balls of words
In quiet interiors of amusement.


Dave digs up word memories
In Oxford or France
Or dredges them from the Thames
Plants them on pages
Here in Wells.


Pamela’s words wander around
Like caterpillars munching leaves
Or like beautiful butterflies
Emerging from a chrysalis
to be eaten by a spider.


Mostly in grubby holes and burrows
Wendy finds aggressive
Little furry animals
And makes their lives nice
Cute and friendly
Storytime bundily feverish.


Chris is as young as Keats or Shelley
His poems walk in boots
Across the levels
The girls who love him
Are following soon,


Clare seems to be on a mountain top
Reading a pathway of words
Tumbling down.


Aerospacious antithis
Of Rolls Royce Engine
Roar short story winners
About mangled geese
Thriveningly squeezed
Into rhyme and blood and feathers.


David of East Coker
Has words like stones
Inside an old barn
Or like wild flowers
On the side of a hill
Plucked innocently by infants
Received cleverly by adults.


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