Wendy Nicholson


Wendy Nicholson

Born a Northumbrian, I have had a varied career as a teacher then research scientist. Retiring to Somerset my life is now enriched with the enjoyment of painting and poetry. I do enjoy being a member of the Wells Fountain Poetry Group!

Topsy Turvy

If the world was Topsy Turvy
and I was young and free
I’d wish to go a-walking
and hope that I would see
my own true love there waiting
beside a greenwood tree.
We used to go together,
together me and you,
and oh, how bright the sun would shine
with a sky so blue, so blue,
and all the world would feel just fine
when I walked out with you.

But Time goes by so swiftly,
Youth is lost somewhere
in memories so distant now
and you’re not here to share.
And the world’s not Topsy Turvy
for each is on his own,
but I can still go walking
glad that I was born.
For there are still some greenwoods
like the ones that we both knew,
so I rejoice the sun can shine
and the sky above is blue.

I particularly like writing and illustrating wildlife booklets for children.
(Click on images to enlarge.)

Flights of fancy

Kicking off his shoes
he peeled off winter
in great chunks
leaving behind
chilblains on the toes
the slippery feel of slush
the crackle of ice
under frozen soles

slipping his feet
into spring shoes
full of birdsong
and sunshine
he ran like the wind
splashing through puddles
aspiring to run with the hare
and leap with the deer

Grandpa stood
in his dream slippers
lost in thought
chasing the years backwards
stirring up memories of youth
when he too
wore the seasons
on his feet.


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