The Word-Wild Web

Members are welcome to recommend their favourite poetry websites.

Meanwhile I’ll start with a few of my recommendations.

The Poetry Society’s website is always worth visiting:

At The Poetry Archive you can hear recordings of poets reading their work:

Try Poetry PF for events, competitions, and to read sample poems by dozens of living poets.

The Poetry library’s website is a huge storehouse of information.

Poetry Kit  and Poetry Can are invaluable sources of information about events, opportunities and competitions.

Poetry Space  publishes individual collections and anthologies,organises an annual competition and provides writing workshops and editing services.

Helena Nelson’s “Unsuitable Blog” at Happenstance Press is always a good read.

Poetry – whatever it may be – will survive. It doesn’t need business models. It thrives on opposition. It doesn’t need to be useful or justified. It’s a parasite. It will live off whatever opportunities present themselves, mercilessly and with ingenuity. And the individual parasite (among whose community I number myself) is important only to herself.

As Stevie Smith said, “The poet is not an important fellow. There will always be another poet.”

          Helena Nelson, blog post 26 May 2013.

A great many more are conveniently listed here, on Anthony Wilson’s blog.

Dave Bonta’s blog “Via Negativa” is a treat I look forward to every day. I can’t imagine how he finds time for it. Sometimes I lose myself for hours exploring the archives. He and his guest contributor Luisa Igloria are fine and prolific writers and very generously share their work on-line.

Some very interesting found-poetry by J.I.Kleinberg at Chocolate is a Verb and at Atlas and Alice

Star 82 Review is a wonderful journal of writing and images. The editor, the multi-talented Alisa Golden, accepts submissions under a number of headings. Response is quick, normally under a week. The “Submissions” page has links to some very good advice posted on her blog.

Magma Poetry is a blog I would recommend, also Sue Boyle Poetry, Tears in the Fence and the East Coker Poetry Group.

Now for some websites that publish poetry on-line:

The Stare’s Nest was recommended by Rachael.

Poems in Which was recommended by Pamela.

Hedgerow was recommended by Jo.

Nutshells and Nuggets was recommended by several people.

Right Hand Pointing was recommended by Ama.

Poetry24 was recommended by Wendy.


2 thoughts on “The Word-Wild Web

  1. Wendy Nicholson

    Poetry24 has started up again publishing topical poems.
    My poem on climate change is on today ‘What have we done?’


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