Guest poets 2023

March 2023 Hannah Linden

April 2023 Deborah Harvey

May 2023 Rachael Clyne

June 2023 Rosie Jackson

Guest poets 2022

December 2022 Isabel White

September 2022 Annie Fisher

October Fringe Binge 2022 Michelle Diaz and Graeme Ryan

December 2022 Isabel White

Guest poets 2020

February 2020 Tom Sastry

March 2020 Jinny Fisher

Guest poets 2019

February 2019  Nigel Kent and Sarah Thomson

March 2019 Clare Blackmore read the work of William Catcott, the Baker Bard of Wells.

April 2019 Ben Banyard

May 2019 Michelle Diaz

June 2019 David Caddy, 

July 201: Sharon Larkin.

September 2019 Pam Zinnemann-Hope

October 2019: Dawn Gorman

November 2019 Chrissy Banks

December 2019 Louise Warren

Guest poets 2018

December 2018  Rachael Clyne,

Nov 2018 Beth Calverley

Oct 2018 David Punter 

July 2018 Melanie Branton

June 21 2018 “The Langport Moot“, a joint venture between us, the East Coker Poetry Group and Fire River Poets from Taunton. A brilliant midsummer day of walking, writing and reading.

May 2018 Conor Whelan.

April 2018  Deborah Harvey 

Feb 2018 Rachael Clyne

Guest poets 2017

December 2017 Jinny Fisher

November 2017 Rosie Jackson

October 2017 Tom Sastry

September 2017 Jo Waterworth

July 2017  Annie Fisher

June 2017 Gram Joel Davies

May 2017 Claire Coleman

Mar  2017 Tom Sastry

Feb 2017  Linda Saunders

Guest poets 2016

Dec 2016     The Fountain Pens performed their collaboration “Second Skin”

Nov 2016     David Cloke

Oct 2016     Jane Williams, our founder

Sept 2016     Clare Diprose

Before that, we did not have guest poets.